Sunday, 8 August 2010

Does the knight in shining armour still exist?

Before I start this post(rant)let me make it clear (for fear of divorce) that I have a lovely husband who is very helpful (when he wants something).

Disclaimer aside I have found myself wondering if the knight in shining armour does still exist? It really hit me when I was walking the dog yesterday with Baby T. The three wheeler buggy is fab but even that can't climb itself up stairs.

The route in particular involved two sets of, say, six steps. A pain in the bum, mildly, but we then end up on a lovely country walk. My lovely country walk was however spoilt not by the lack of anyone to help me (I do the walk most days and have always managed admirably and without a second thought) but by the fact that there were two "gentlemen" mere feet away on both occasions and no one offered to help. Whats that all about? I have to admit that it put me in a mild grump for at least 30 minutes.

Even when I was pregnant I would help someone with a buggy and yet a number of men in my locality with t-shirts so tight the intention can only be to show of their muscles are not actually inclined to utilise those muscles. Weird.

I was sure that it was still the done thing to teach our children manners, or has the rule book changed and no one thought to tell me?

Please tell me that there are still some kind people out there and restore my faith in humanity....
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