Friday, 9 July 2010

Is the grass greener? Or is it a bit yellow and needs cutting?

In my experience the grass is indeed always far greener and juicy looking. Baby T is now almost 8 months old and as of four weeks ago I am a jobless bum after handing my notice in... or stay at home mum, which I actually prefer over “jobless bum”, this is Mr U's new “cute” little nickname for me. Bless.

I’m really glad that I quit, my job and Baby T were never going to be compatible, but I NEED to do something and soon… I can feel the rust starting to form around my braincells (and regretably there weren’t many of those to start with).

I have also started talking in a rather high pitched chirpy voice. Didn't even recognise me in a little video of Baby T chasing me round the house in her walker clipping my heels. Have been known also to use baby voice to grown ups and developing a tendancy to talk in the third person.

I don't think a hobby is the answer, I seem to intensely use up my allocated quota of enthusiasm for each new hobby within a matter of days then lose all interest.

Perhaps a new part time job? Perhaps even start my own business?

Having known myself for quite some time now I am starting to see a pattern developing and I get the feeling that whatever I end up doing I will always think that I should be doing something else!
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