Friday, 23 July 2010

I just had my first tantrum by Baby T

Well, time is ticking by, I'm seven months old now and I think I look after myself pretty well. I can just about order takeout on mummy's iPhone and I've got the hang of the tv remote, at least when daddy isn't around. Lets face it, I'm a little smug about being pretty much the best Baby I know.

I can feed myself with my chubby little hands, but I pretend I can only feed myself biscuits. Result! Don't tell mummy.

I can also brush my two teeth, it's important to look after yourself. So there I was happily brushing these little toothipegs when mummy decided I had finished and came to take MY toothbrush off me. Oh no, I don't think so. And then I discovered it.... the all powerful tantrum. Only 5 seconds of my best and biggest crying and I had not only my toothbrush back but also cuddles and kisses from mummy.

I am beginning to see endless opportunities to use this new found skill, watch this space......
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