Friday, 9 July 2010

Communal Changing Rooms? Oh Dear.

Was feeling like a virtuous mummy after deciding to take Baby T to swimming lessons, yes she is only six months old but there are some things where apparently it is never too young to start.

So off we went with our pretty little swimsuits (both new and mine a slightly larger size than I might have liked). The group is Swimtots and takes place at a private pool at the local deaf school.

I was obviously late as usual, despite having the best baby in the world... see Baby T's last post

So I didn't particularly notice that we got changed in a rather big changing room all to ourselves. The lesson went fabulously and Baby T had a wonderful time but all good things come to an end so us mummy's fished our babies out of the pool and headed back to dry off and change.

Then horror of utter utmost horrors I was surrounded by wobbly bums and bouncing norks. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against bums and boobs, in fact I have these things myself (particularly of the wobbly variety). But, the what seemed like a very large changing room now seemed more than a little cramped and SERIOUSLY it was a real struggle not to stick my face into one of the bodily regions mentioned above whilst bent over to deal with Baby T.

I felt somewhat better after seeing the look of discomfort on some of the other mums faces which I imagine must have looked similar to my own, but ladies, this was my first time and the rest of the mummy's were practically bounding around the room like some sort of weird naked ballet.

I noticed this distinct difference in women when I used to go to a rather nice gym (once). There were awesomely stylish communal changing rooms, all wood and slate and I wonder if all this opulence was to assist in the distraction from all the nakedness. However in each of the corners of this grand room were a pokey little individual changing cubicle... if one wasn't free, I waited.

I might quite like to be one of those brave, in your face, bare all mums but I'm just not. Or at least, not intentionally. I just can't do the whole modesty changing thing, I REALLY want to, but I can't. Other mums can put on a whole outfit it seems without unwrapping the towel from their bodies and then all of a sudden its whipped off to reveal a perfect outfit with none of the clothes inside out. How do they do that?

We have now braved it to these swimming sessions several times and I have on at least three occasions totally dropped my towel on the soggy floor while trying to apply a bra and ended up stood there totally starkers and probably drawing even more attention to myself through the glowing beacon that is my highly red and embarrassed face. I don't bother trying to put a bra on anymore but will try to master it before winter in an attempt to avoid hubby accusing me of "smuggling peanuts".

So congratulations to all the brave mummy's particularly after the trauma of childbirth (ok, so my labour was easy but pregnancy has still taken its toll) and thank goodness for all you other embarrassed mummy's out there, we are not alone, let our red flushed cheeks shine out together.... and lets try to keep the other cheeks safely cocooned in our towels.
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