Friday, 25 June 2010

This is Baby T here, taking over the show

Alright, Baby T here. Yes, I'm only six months old but when something needs doing properly I hear that you need to do it yourself so here goes, and anyway Mummy was never going to tell you poor folk the truth.

So Mummy is all like "oh, I'm so tired Baby T was up all night" and "Baby T has been having trouble teething" and "Baby T is struggling to settle into solids"..... NONSENSE!

I sleep from 7.30pm to about 9am, with a little snack sometimes at 7am ish, my bottom two teeth popped through without me noticing - first thing I knew was when it wasn't quite so comfortable sucking my thumb and Mummy seemed a bit nervous about feeding me, and as for solids, I love them!

The problem started when I decided to make my entrance into the world. I just kind of did it. No fuss, no drugs for Mummy, just popped out on the lounge rug. Some of the other mummies at baby groups don't seem to like that, for some reason they like a good horror story. The simple fact is I'm just a good baby. Mummy says to Daddy that the storks must have taken one look at Mummy and decided they needed to send her "one of the good ones", and that's what they did.

Mummy just wants to seem normal and not a Mummy boaster and that's fine, it helps my reputation and keeps any potential future baby sitters on their toes. But me and Mummy both know that we think each other is the bees knees.

That's all for now, but I'll be back.

Baby T x


  1. Loved this post! You posted on my blog ( so wanted to have a look at yours : ) Very funny, but too true - so often we play down the good things about our babes, for fear of coming across as smug or boasting, but there is nothing wrong with not having a birth horror story (lucky you!), and as for having an easy baby - my answer when people ask me if mine is one, I just say she's a baby baby. Everyone is different, and some babies are chill in the beginning, and then turn into nightmare teenagers, and others are the reverse, and all the other peronsality permutations that actually make them interesting! Keep telling the truth Baby T! xx

  2. Such a nice post. My 2st born was very similar, easy nights, easy everywhere, just easy. I'm worried I've become complacent and my 2nd child due in October won't be quite so easy and I'll flake as a mother. Surely I can't be lucky enough to have two easy babies??
    Cuddles and dribbles to Baby T

  3. What a cool post and how lucky you are!! You are following me on Twitter so I thought I would pay you a visit. Love your blog!Good for you and Baby T!! Sarah

  4. Thank you for the very nice comments on my first post, not sure how pleased Mummy will be though now that you have given me the idea of being a terrible teenager mama-andmore!

    Big wet kisses
    Baby T