Friday, 18 June 2010

Ok, so when do I turn into a Grown Up?

The external change was subtle.

First of all I stopped dying my hair red. Then I got a grown up job. The next stage seemed to be to acquire a husband, this I have also done. We bought a house and we made Baby T. We've even got the obligatory dog and I now drive a Mondeo after changing my much loved sports car for a car with "room for a buggy and a baby seat".


I accidentally touched a caterpillar the other day thinking it was a twig on the kitchen floor and subsequently ended up running round the house squealing at the top of my voice and waving my arms hysterically;

I think it's actually quite funny when Baby T does really loud trouser trumpets (although I would never admit this to my equally disgusting husband);

And on a similar subject I do still giggle when someone sits on a squeaky leather seat which proceeds to embarrass them by making a rude noise;

I still make my own Formula 1 style tyre squealing noises verbally when driving round a bend in the car (I'm actually quite good at this now);

And today in the supermarket I had a mild tantrum in the carpark over the number of singletons using family parking spaces then when approached by a similarly irate shopper who snook up on me then huffily asked me to "move the baby, love" I responded with an apology more sarcastic than any that has ever been muttered through a teenagers lips, explained that "I'm not made of eyes" and stubbornly left "the baby" where she was until I finished what I was doing, love. I was less stubborn when I was two years old.

Even whilst typing this I am thinking of ways to annoy my husband while he watches the football tonight in a way which won't end in me being drop kicked through the front door;

... the list goes on...

So when does it happen? I've just turned 30 and although there are (a few!) signs of wear on the outside I still feel like I did when I was twelve on the inside. If anyone can tell me when to expect this phenomenon it would be greatly appreciated as I still feel there is a somewhat large amount of immaturity left to get out of my system.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I'm 36 which looks old even as I type it. 36. Feckin hell. How did that?.... Sorry, what was I saying? Right, yes. I don't believe there's a switch that is thrown to become a grown up, maybe you're just expected to cover up your immaturity the older you get, that's what I do.

  2. Like a big game of "Let's pretend", I LOVE it, thanks scribblingmum!

  3. To be honest I don't think you will turn into this 'grown up' figure you picture. You sound just like me, I've got a grown uplife for my age especially compared to my friends around me yet I'm still immature in teh things I do like rolling around, making stupid jokes, finding things funny I shouldn't (seriously, I couldn't even control it when I was a teacher-once I was doing an art assessment with my Year 7 group, a cheeky boy said something funny and I was in hysterics for 25 whole minutes. That class of course got the worse grade-whoops).
    I think I, you and people similar are perhaps just 'that type' of person.
    On the other hand I have friends who are very mature, boring types who act serious ALL the time. They are 'grown ups' but they have been since they were 3.
    I'd definatley take the option I've got! Here's to never growing up! Woo!

  4. I'm so pleased I wrote this post. "Are you a grown up?" just isn't the type of question you ask people in real life and now I'm realising there aren't actually that many out there!

  5. I'm nearly 59 & can see my own behaviour in this brilliantly funny psot! don't! Great to have found you!

  6. Thanks jfb57, you've made me go all big headed!

  7. Honey, I just turned 33 and still feel about 13 inside. Embrace it. It's what makes life worth living.