Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I vill ask you only vunce!

So I've been tagged, which is cool! Although after my excitement subsided I got wondering what a tag was. Now that I've found out I'm excited again and want to thank Julia at What Will Julia Do Next?

1. Are you a meticulous planner?

After spending years and years planning all sorts of things for work EXTREMELY meticulously my personal life has always been in utter disarray! And now I'm afraid it's even worse, hip hip hooray for Baby Brain!

2. Do you wear make-up & if so how much & how often?

Pre Baby T I would never go out without any make up and my hair was washed and lovingly styled on a daily basis. HA! Nowadays I go to the supermarket in jogging bottoms (something I was always adamant I would never do) and my top and shoes won't even match. I even returned home one day to discover I had been out with baby sick on my cheek. From this disgusting admission you have probably guessed that I don't wear a full face that often although its unusual for me not to have any mascara on otherwise I appear not to have eyes. But now I love going out on a special shopping trip or a date with Mr U and taking my time to get ready, that is once Baby T is settled, the babysitter is briefed, the dog is bribed...

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE pyjamas!!! I have millions of pairs and get irrationally excited when i see a pair I like in a shop. Have started eying up little itty bitty PJ's for Baby T, exciting times! But when Mr U gets his way it's nothing.

4. Look over your right shoulder. What do you see?

An embarrassing wall in my sitting room. Embarrassing because my Dad helped Mr U decorate when I was very pregnant. The room was beautiful (thanks Dad!). However a Baby T soon came along and was rather fond of projectile vomiting. Some of this vom got my wall without me realising. Mr U brought it to my attention and I feel we are now having a secret competition to see who can resist cleaning it. I suspect I will cave in first particularly after I have read this back and realised how gross we sound. So that's why I don't get many visitors?

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

Oooooh, errrm..... maybe the framed fake ASBO which formed part of my ego wall in my office before I resigned. The ASBO is for being a clever dick and I loved being in an important meeting and watching people as they cast an eye over the various certificates and doing a double take when they got to the ASBO. I think it says that I can be serious when I need to be (it's in a nice frame!) but that I can still do this with a sense of fun.

6. What film would you have liked a staring role in?

Kung-Fu Panda, no question!

7.Jimmy Steward or Cary Grant?

Who or who? Think I'll just say Robert Pattinson, mmmmmmmmm!

8.Do you swear in front of children?

Kind of. I hate proper swearing and have started trying to train Mr U not to do this in front of Baby T already. My harshest words around kids tend to be "crap cakes" but only if something really terrible has happened!

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other ‘womanly’ craft?

My grandma taught me to knit but I never got the hang of starting off or finishing, Grandma Flo always did it for me and now she isn't here any more I don't knit. I tried sewing when I was pregnant and just got cross and stabbed in the finger a lot. But now I like baking because the end result makes my tummy very happy. Happy tummy, happy me!

10. Twitter or Facebook?

I have to say Facebook because I've been doing it longer but I'm really trying hard to get to grips with Twitter but can anyone tell me whether there is an idiots guide anywhere which could help me? In the meantime here's my profile.


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Friday, 25 June 2010

This is Baby T here, taking over the show

Alright, Baby T here. Yes, I'm only six months old but when something needs doing properly I hear that you need to do it yourself so here goes, and anyway Mummy was never going to tell you poor folk the truth.

So Mummy is all like "oh, I'm so tired Baby T was up all night" and "Baby T has been having trouble teething" and "Baby T is struggling to settle into solids"..... NONSENSE!

I sleep from 7.30pm to about 9am, with a little snack sometimes at 7am ish, my bottom two teeth popped through without me noticing - first thing I knew was when it wasn't quite so comfortable sucking my thumb and Mummy seemed a bit nervous about feeding me, and as for solids, I love them!

The problem started when I decided to make my entrance into the world. I just kind of did it. No fuss, no drugs for Mummy, just popped out on the lounge rug. Some of the other mummies at baby groups don't seem to like that, for some reason they like a good horror story. The simple fact is I'm just a good baby. Mummy says to Daddy that the storks must have taken one look at Mummy and decided they needed to send her "one of the good ones", and that's what they did.

Mummy just wants to seem normal and not a Mummy boaster and that's fine, it helps my reputation and keeps any potential future baby sitters on their toes. But me and Mummy both know that we think each other is the bees knees.

That's all for now, but I'll be back.

Baby T x

Friday, 18 June 2010

Ok, so when do I turn into a Grown Up?

The external change was subtle.

First of all I stopped dying my hair red. Then I got a grown up job. The next stage seemed to be to acquire a husband, this I have also done. We bought a house and we made Baby T. We've even got the obligatory dog and I now drive a Mondeo after changing my much loved sports car for a car with "room for a buggy and a baby seat".


I accidentally touched a caterpillar the other day thinking it was a twig on the kitchen floor and subsequently ended up running round the house squealing at the top of my voice and waving my arms hysterically;

I think it's actually quite funny when Baby T does really loud trouser trumpets (although I would never admit this to my equally disgusting husband);

And on a similar subject I do still giggle when someone sits on a squeaky leather seat which proceeds to embarrass them by making a rude noise;

I still make my own Formula 1 style tyre squealing noises verbally when driving round a bend in the car (I'm actually quite good at this now);

And today in the supermarket I had a mild tantrum in the carpark over the number of singletons using family parking spaces then when approached by a similarly irate shopper who snook up on me then huffily asked me to "move the baby, love" I responded with an apology more sarcastic than any that has ever been muttered through a teenagers lips, explained that "I'm not made of eyes" and stubbornly left "the baby" where she was until I finished what I was doing, love. I was less stubborn when I was two years old.

Even whilst typing this I am thinking of ways to annoy my husband while he watches the football tonight in a way which won't end in me being drop kicked through the front door;

... the list goes on...

So when does it happen? I've just turned 30 and although there are (a few!) signs of wear on the outside I still feel like I did when I was twelve on the inside. If anyone can tell me when to expect this phenomenon it would be greatly appreciated as I still feel there is a somewhat large amount of immaturity left to get out of my system.