Thursday, 21 October 2010

New baby + New Business = No time to shave legs?

So I know I've not been around for a while but don't worry I haven't been acquainting myself with Jeremy Kyle but have instead been busy setting up a new business.

It's largely what I was doing as an employment solicitor but I have awarded myself the new job title of Employment Law Consultant and Workplace Mediator (yes, my business cards are going to be longer than normal!)

But does all this work with a new baby? I suppose I will find out in due course and in the meantime my legs will have to go unshaven because I just don't have the time!

I always had strange feelings towards the super career mummy's that I would see in my pre-pregnancy and oblivious state, I think due to being in total awe that they could look after a small person that can't even wipe their own bottom, never mind also having a fabulous job, time to go round tescos and satisfy her husbands "needs"!! Now that I am trying to achieve this I wonder what their tactics are because, I have to say, I'm finding it really rather hard.

And as for working from home? How does that work? Seriously? I try to present a professional image when on the phone praying all the time that the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Baby doesn't pick now to have her first full scale tantrum, I refer to "my diary" and what I mean is the calendar on the kitchen wall and my secretary? Well that is of course the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Baby herself but lets face it she's really not pulling her weight.

So I'm still around, just spread a little thinner.

If anyone fancies checking out what I do then please have a look at my website Inkpot Monkey. I specialise in Workplace Mediation which is a process to resolve workplace disputes before they escalate into costly litigation; as well as general employment law support.

If any of the fabulous career mummy's referred to above have any tips then please (PLEASE!) let me know!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Gallery - A Photo I'm Proud Of

This week the theme at Sticky Fingers Gallery is "A Photo I'm Proud of"

I've been thinking what to show you for days and this is what I've picked...

It's not fantastic quality or particularly brilliant in any sort of way actually. But it does make me proud. It was taken about 10 minutes after I found out I was going to be a Mummy and hubby was going to be a Daddy. It was a Tuesday.

This was the point of no return, nothing would be the same again and I'm so pleased that I thought to take a quick snap because it helps remind me of the whirlwind of emotions me and hubby were feeling. And I will show this to the Biddidi Bobbidi Baby when she is older and tell her that this was the first time we knew she was there and that we loved her straightaway.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Gallery - A Memory

This week the theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery is A Memory.

Having just sorted out my photo albums in order to avoid doing the housework this one was easy for me.

This pic always makes me smile. It is from my first holiday as a little girl when I am actually able to remember parts of it. Seemingly invisible dogs are the exception to the "No Dogs on the Beach" rule, as demonstrated by my mummy...

And I just love this pic of me and my Mum, its a "makes me feel happy" picture.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Does the knight in shining armour still exist?

Before I start this post(rant)let me make it clear (for fear of divorce) that I have a lovely husband who is very helpful (when he wants something).

Disclaimer aside I have found myself wondering if the knight in shining armour does still exist? It really hit me when I was walking the dog yesterday with Baby T. The three wheeler buggy is fab but even that can't climb itself up stairs.

The route in particular involved two sets of, say, six steps. A pain in the bum, mildly, but we then end up on a lovely country walk. My lovely country walk was however spoilt not by the lack of anyone to help me (I do the walk most days and have always managed admirably and without a second thought) but by the fact that there were two "gentlemen" mere feet away on both occasions and no one offered to help. Whats that all about? I have to admit that it put me in a mild grump for at least 30 minutes.

Even when I was pregnant I would help someone with a buggy and yet a number of men in my locality with t-shirts so tight the intention can only be to show of their muscles are not actually inclined to utilise those muscles. Weird.

I was sure that it was still the done thing to teach our children manners, or has the rule book changed and no one thought to tell me?

Please tell me that there are still some kind people out there and restore my faith in humanity....

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Gallery - Playtime

The theme this week at Sticky Fingers Gallery is Playtime.

It sounded easy but then I found I had so many shots to pick from.....

I think this is my favourite though. Baby T's first play in a ball pool. She loved it and I managed not to lose her so everyone was a winner!

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Gallery : Baby T discovers nature and eats it

Grandpas are great aren't they. I loved mine and I know my Dad will be adored by Baby T. So, Grandpa has introduced Baby T to nature, fitting in nicely with this weeks theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers.

First, the introduction was made "Look Baby T, some grass"

Baby T - "mmmm I eat nature for breakfast"

Me - "Daaaaaaaaaaad!!!!"

Friday, 23 July 2010

I just had my first tantrum by Baby T

Well, time is ticking by, I'm seven months old now and I think I look after myself pretty well. I can just about order takeout on mummy's iPhone and I've got the hang of the tv remote, at least when daddy isn't around. Lets face it, I'm a little smug about being pretty much the best Baby I know.

I can feed myself with my chubby little hands, but I pretend I can only feed myself biscuits. Result! Don't tell mummy.

I can also brush my two teeth, it's important to look after yourself. So there I was happily brushing these little toothipegs when mummy decided I had finished and came to take MY toothbrush off me. Oh no, I don't think so. And then I discovered it.... the all powerful tantrum. Only 5 seconds of my best and biggest crying and I had not only my toothbrush back but also cuddles and kisses from mummy.

I am beginning to see endless opportunities to use this new found skill, watch this space......

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Novel Idea - The Gallery #20

So the theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is "a novel idea".

Like last weeks "Can you tell what it is yet" I have spent a disproportionate amount of time agonising over what to photograph and then it hit me...

... after all I walk past it like, a million times a day so I was bound to get it sooner or later. Any ideas? .... read on to find out.

Maybe its a bit of a cheat?

It's not at all cryptic or clever or indeed a representation (missed the brief a bit I think!), its just a straightforward extract from Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres. But having said that it is really, really special to me. The canvas itself is something which I created around 18 months ago. And it almost goes without saying that the book really is a rather lovely.

The inspiration was my wonderful sister as this was the extract which she read during my wedding to Mr U at Hodsock Priory. She was ever so nervous about doing it but she did incredibly well and there honestly was not a dry eye in the room and (get a grip!) I've even come over all emotional thinking about it! Love you Little Sis x (thankfully she will probably never read this and I can maintain my persona of mean Big Sis!)

So, did any of you know what the book was on seeing the picture?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

How long is long enough and not too long?

This isn't just the title of my blog... its a serious question and one that I'm looking for an answer to. So if someone could just post me the answer that would be great, thanks.

Just how long do you leave between having your first and second child?

So Baby T is only seven months old and I do think that is the teeniest bit early to be thinking of seconds but I really don't know. A friend of mine has a four month old and is thinking about putting holes in condoms (Eastenders style) because she wants another already!

I was seriously being asked by people when Baby T was just a few weeks old if we were already trying for another (with the words "lets just check if you've torn and need stitching back up" ringing in my ears), the sentence "get all the nappies over at once" was said to me several times... whats that all about? I'm sure I only had two arms when I last looked (yup, just checked again) and those are busy 100% of the time at the moment. If the in-laws had their way I'd be six months preggers now!

At lot of mums seem to pull a strained kind of smile when asked this question and say in an overly chirpy tone "You just cope". I asked a friend of mine about this expecting a similar response and she started by saying "I'll be honest with you because I wish someone had been honest with me", she had been fed the "you just cope" line and so had 19 months between her two.

She used the word "horrendous" a lot and even went on to say that the effect it had on her first was "heartbreaking" when they couldn't spend so much time together. I remember how much time I spent breastfeeding Baby T in those first few weeks... she was just like an extension of me. Honest Friend said that as soon as she had problems feeding baby 2 she gave up because it seemed like the easier, and fairer, thing to do. I felt sorry for her.

On the other hand I am also a jobless bum at the moment having given up my job as a solicitor (that's Lawyer to you American readers! learnt that lesson rather embarrassingly on a recent trip to Disney Land!) to spend more quality time with Baby T. I would like to work part time but there doesn't seem to be much out there. So should I just go for it? Properly I mean, not the sabotage of condoms route.

And lets not even start on the subject of money.....

What about the stress and embarrassment factor, surely that must double? And I thought the communal changing room experience was bad with one!

But I love my Baby T with all my heart and more. What happens to that when another one comes along? And will it make Baby T sad because I don't think I could bare that. I hate to imagine the post she would write about that!

Writing this is not being the cleansing exercise I had hoped and I am finding myself all the more confused, so like I say, if someone could just pop the answer below for me that would be awesome.

Cheerio for now!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Gallery - ok, my first one was too easy!

Alright, I started with an easy one but how about this?

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you tell what it is yet? - My First Gallery Entry

So I've been seeing all the other organised bloggers posting their gallery entries for a few weeks and have been working myself up to it with good intentions but turns out the camera on my phone is a bit cr@p and does anyone know where the charger for my proper camera is? No.

But here goes... can you tell what it is yet? This item has sentimental value and I kept it from our wedding. Mr U and I will have our third anniversary in October (thank god I've got the date tattooed on my foot to remind me!)

Happy guessing! (It's not hard though it it?!)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Is the grass greener? Or is it a bit yellow and needs cutting?

In my experience the grass is indeed always far greener and juicy looking. Baby T is now almost 8 months old and as of four weeks ago I am a jobless bum after handing my notice in... or stay at home mum, which I actually prefer over “jobless bum”, this is Mr U's new “cute” little nickname for me. Bless.

I’m really glad that I quit, my job and Baby T were never going to be compatible, but I NEED to do something and soon… I can feel the rust starting to form around my braincells (and regretably there weren’t many of those to start with).

I have also started talking in a rather high pitched chirpy voice. Didn't even recognise me in a little video of Baby T chasing me round the house in her walker clipping my heels. Have been known also to use baby voice to grown ups and developing a tendancy to talk in the third person.

I don't think a hobby is the answer, I seem to intensely use up my allocated quota of enthusiasm for each new hobby within a matter of days then lose all interest.

Perhaps a new part time job? Perhaps even start my own business?

Having known myself for quite some time now I am starting to see a pattern developing and I get the feeling that whatever I end up doing I will always think that I should be doing something else!

Communal Changing Rooms? Oh Dear.

Was feeling like a virtuous mummy after deciding to take Baby T to swimming lessons, yes she is only six months old but there are some things where apparently it is never too young to start.

So off we went with our pretty little swimsuits (both new and mine a slightly larger size than I might have liked). The group is Swimtots and takes place at a private pool at the local deaf school.

I was obviously late as usual, despite having the best baby in the world... see Baby T's last post

So I didn't particularly notice that we got changed in a rather big changing room all to ourselves. The lesson went fabulously and Baby T had a wonderful time but all good things come to an end so us mummy's fished our babies out of the pool and headed back to dry off and change.

Then horror of utter utmost horrors I was surrounded by wobbly bums and bouncing norks. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against bums and boobs, in fact I have these things myself (particularly of the wobbly variety). But, the what seemed like a very large changing room now seemed more than a little cramped and SERIOUSLY it was a real struggle not to stick my face into one of the bodily regions mentioned above whilst bent over to deal with Baby T.

I felt somewhat better after seeing the look of discomfort on some of the other mums faces which I imagine must have looked similar to my own, but ladies, this was my first time and the rest of the mummy's were practically bounding around the room like some sort of weird naked ballet.

I noticed this distinct difference in women when I used to go to a rather nice gym (once). There were awesomely stylish communal changing rooms, all wood and slate and I wonder if all this opulence was to assist in the distraction from all the nakedness. However in each of the corners of this grand room were a pokey little individual changing cubicle... if one wasn't free, I waited.

I might quite like to be one of those brave, in your face, bare all mums but I'm just not. Or at least, not intentionally. I just can't do the whole modesty changing thing, I REALLY want to, but I can't. Other mums can put on a whole outfit it seems without unwrapping the towel from their bodies and then all of a sudden its whipped off to reveal a perfect outfit with none of the clothes inside out. How do they do that?

We have now braved it to these swimming sessions several times and I have on at least three occasions totally dropped my towel on the soggy floor while trying to apply a bra and ended up stood there totally starkers and probably drawing even more attention to myself through the glowing beacon that is my highly red and embarrassed face. I don't bother trying to put a bra on anymore but will try to master it before winter in an attempt to avoid hubby accusing me of "smuggling peanuts".

So congratulations to all the brave mummy's particularly after the trauma of childbirth (ok, so my labour was easy but pregnancy has still taken its toll) and thank goodness for all you other embarrassed mummy's out there, we are not alone, let our red flushed cheeks shine out together.... and lets try to keep the other cheeks safely cocooned in our towels.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I vill ask you only vunce!

So I've been tagged, which is cool! Although after my excitement subsided I got wondering what a tag was. Now that I've found out I'm excited again and want to thank Julia at What Will Julia Do Next?

1. Are you a meticulous planner?

After spending years and years planning all sorts of things for work EXTREMELY meticulously my personal life has always been in utter disarray! And now I'm afraid it's even worse, hip hip hooray for Baby Brain!

2. Do you wear make-up & if so how much & how often?

Pre Baby T I would never go out without any make up and my hair was washed and lovingly styled on a daily basis. HA! Nowadays I go to the supermarket in jogging bottoms (something I was always adamant I would never do) and my top and shoes won't even match. I even returned home one day to discover I had been out with baby sick on my cheek. From this disgusting admission you have probably guessed that I don't wear a full face that often although its unusual for me not to have any mascara on otherwise I appear not to have eyes. But now I love going out on a special shopping trip or a date with Mr U and taking my time to get ready, that is once Baby T is settled, the babysitter is briefed, the dog is bribed...

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE pyjamas!!! I have millions of pairs and get irrationally excited when i see a pair I like in a shop. Have started eying up little itty bitty PJ's for Baby T, exciting times! But when Mr U gets his way it's nothing.

4. Look over your right shoulder. What do you see?

An embarrassing wall in my sitting room. Embarrassing because my Dad helped Mr U decorate when I was very pregnant. The room was beautiful (thanks Dad!). However a Baby T soon came along and was rather fond of projectile vomiting. Some of this vom got my wall without me realising. Mr U brought it to my attention and I feel we are now having a secret competition to see who can resist cleaning it. I suspect I will cave in first particularly after I have read this back and realised how gross we sound. So that's why I don't get many visitors?

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

Oooooh, errrm..... maybe the framed fake ASBO which formed part of my ego wall in my office before I resigned. The ASBO is for being a clever dick and I loved being in an important meeting and watching people as they cast an eye over the various certificates and doing a double take when they got to the ASBO. I think it says that I can be serious when I need to be (it's in a nice frame!) but that I can still do this with a sense of fun.

6. What film would you have liked a staring role in?

Kung-Fu Panda, no question!

7.Jimmy Steward or Cary Grant?

Who or who? Think I'll just say Robert Pattinson, mmmmmmmmm!

8.Do you swear in front of children?

Kind of. I hate proper swearing and have started trying to train Mr U not to do this in front of Baby T already. My harshest words around kids tend to be "crap cakes" but only if something really terrible has happened!

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other ‘womanly’ craft?

My grandma taught me to knit but I never got the hang of starting off or finishing, Grandma Flo always did it for me and now she isn't here any more I don't knit. I tried sewing when I was pregnant and just got cross and stabbed in the finger a lot. But now I like baking because the end result makes my tummy very happy. Happy tummy, happy me!

10. Twitter or Facebook?

I have to say Facebook because I've been doing it longer but I'm really trying hard to get to grips with Twitter but can anyone tell me whether there is an idiots guide anywhere which could help me? In the meantime here's my profile.


I am passing on this Inquisition meme to the following bloggers who ‘Vill Answer Zes Questions!


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Friday, 25 June 2010

This is Baby T here, taking over the show

Alright, Baby T here. Yes, I'm only six months old but when something needs doing properly I hear that you need to do it yourself so here goes, and anyway Mummy was never going to tell you poor folk the truth.

So Mummy is all like "oh, I'm so tired Baby T was up all night" and "Baby T has been having trouble teething" and "Baby T is struggling to settle into solids"..... NONSENSE!

I sleep from 7.30pm to about 9am, with a little snack sometimes at 7am ish, my bottom two teeth popped through without me noticing - first thing I knew was when it wasn't quite so comfortable sucking my thumb and Mummy seemed a bit nervous about feeding me, and as for solids, I love them!

The problem started when I decided to make my entrance into the world. I just kind of did it. No fuss, no drugs for Mummy, just popped out on the lounge rug. Some of the other mummies at baby groups don't seem to like that, for some reason they like a good horror story. The simple fact is I'm just a good baby. Mummy says to Daddy that the storks must have taken one look at Mummy and decided they needed to send her "one of the good ones", and that's what they did.

Mummy just wants to seem normal and not a Mummy boaster and that's fine, it helps my reputation and keeps any potential future baby sitters on their toes. But me and Mummy both know that we think each other is the bees knees.

That's all for now, but I'll be back.

Baby T x

Friday, 18 June 2010

Ok, so when do I turn into a Grown Up?

The external change was subtle.

First of all I stopped dying my hair red. Then I got a grown up job. The next stage seemed to be to acquire a husband, this I have also done. We bought a house and we made Baby T. We've even got the obligatory dog and I now drive a Mondeo after changing my much loved sports car for a car with "room for a buggy and a baby seat".


I accidentally touched a caterpillar the other day thinking it was a twig on the kitchen floor and subsequently ended up running round the house squealing at the top of my voice and waving my arms hysterically;

I think it's actually quite funny when Baby T does really loud trouser trumpets (although I would never admit this to my equally disgusting husband);

And on a similar subject I do still giggle when someone sits on a squeaky leather seat which proceeds to embarrass them by making a rude noise;

I still make my own Formula 1 style tyre squealing noises verbally when driving round a bend in the car (I'm actually quite good at this now);

And today in the supermarket I had a mild tantrum in the carpark over the number of singletons using family parking spaces then when approached by a similarly irate shopper who snook up on me then huffily asked me to "move the baby, love" I responded with an apology more sarcastic than any that has ever been muttered through a teenagers lips, explained that "I'm not made of eyes" and stubbornly left "the baby" where she was until I finished what I was doing, love. I was less stubborn when I was two years old.

Even whilst typing this I am thinking of ways to annoy my husband while he watches the football tonight in a way which won't end in me being drop kicked through the front door;

... the list goes on...

So when does it happen? I've just turned 30 and although there are (a few!) signs of wear on the outside I still feel like I did when I was twelve on the inside. If anyone can tell me when to expect this phenomenon it would be greatly appreciated as I still feel there is a somewhat large amount of immaturity left to get out of my system.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Remember that day when I had a baby?

Right then, I'm five months into motherhood and feel that I can now safely think about THE BIRTH without punching my husband, crossing my legs very tightly and sobbing quietly in that order. But I'm sorry to say that there is no horror story here, in fact when I retell my tale other mummy's often begin to regard me with slight distaste due, I'm guessing, to the fact that I had it so easy. ENOUGH! I am proud to be a superstar who pops out babies with only the painkilling power of two paracetamol... so here is my story.

I decided at the very start of my pregnancy that I wanted a home birth, this was in part (I am slightly embarrassed to admit) due to the fact that I like to do what people don't think I will do. This stubbornness was strengthened by certain family members being quite adamant that I would end up in hospital with all the pain relief the NHS could offer. But as The Bump grew bigger I realised that a home birth was what I really did want and for all the right reasons. I wanted to be somewhere comfortable and relaxed, I pictured something beautiful and serene.... (but was still refusing to read the labour section of any of my pregnancy books and was steering absolutely clear of YouTube)

I spoke with my wonderful homeopath at length who has been fabulous since the idea of pregnancy occurred to hubby and I, and indeed before. I now own a mother and baby homeopathic kit and swear by it, it cleared Baby T's cradle cap in a couple of days. Lesson number 1 - USE HOMEOPATHY, it's fab. I fell pregnant in the first month of trying and had a very straightforward pregnancy due in no small part to the wonderful powers of homeopathy. It feels so natural at what is, lets face it, the time when you are going through the most natural thing in the world.

Lesson number 2 - In the great words of Burger King, HAVE IT YOUR WAY! I made it quite clear to my husband (who initially wasn't keen on the idea of home birth) that yes he is very important and yes I value his opinion but it was going to be my body going through this ordeal (I wouldn't describe it as an ordeal now but something beautiful instead) and I would be getting what I wanted. I am not normally spoilt but I did feel very strongly about this. I bought the water pool, aromatherapy oils and music that I liked and I was happy that I had everything I needed. I could chit chat about my pregnancy and labour so much I could probably crash the Internet but if you have anything you want to ask me about homeopathy or aromatherapy, or indeed anything, then please just get in touch.

Lesson number 3 - RELAX! I made sure I had lots of me time and listened to a huge amount of classical music to completely unwind. I now play the same music at Baby T's bedtime and she has always gone to bed very easily and slept through since a young age.

In fact I think it was this intense relaxation that started the labour. I had wanted Baby T to be born before Christmas but as time ticked by I resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn't happen that way. When I accepted what will be will be my waters broke that night!

I woke at four thinking they had but decided it was awfully early and went back to sleep, I woke again at seven and again considered the possibility that my waters may have broken but feeling sluggish and not convinced I stayed in bed another hour during which time I began to feel waves going down my tummy. I got up and pottered around a while and mentioned to my husband that I felt a bit funny. Having felt no twinges until now I convinced myself that what I was feeling were Braxton Hicks. At 11am I called the hospital who said they would send a midwife out to check on me to make sure. I had a shower and the midwife arrived at 12.30 expecting to check on me and leave. Leave she did not however as I was 8cm dilated. Hubby was in a complete panic and feeling inadequate at not getting the pool filled in time. Whereas I happily dropped to my knees in the lounge surrounded by the smell of roses from the oil burner and began to push.

Baby T was born at 2.05pm with no complications and made her way straight for some dinner. Then I had a pizza!

I can't pretend that it didn't hurt (but even then, it wasn't terrible and I remember it with fondness not fear) it truly was an amazing experience and other than perhaps having the birthing pool filled in time, there is nothing I would change. I do think that the most helpful thing I can say is to really think carefully about what you want, not what your husband wants or what anybody else expects of you. I understand why people opt for hospital and that's fine too. Its one of the biggest things you will ever go through so don't let anyone take it out of your hands, make it the experience you want... then it just gets better and better (I can say that at the moment when Baby T is five months but reserve the right to change my mind in, say, 13 years or so!)

Good luck to any Bump Mummy's reading this x

Hot, hot, hot!!

OK, so I feel a little (a lot) ashamed, but on the whole I am hugely relieved to learn that lots of babies have been troubled by this recent hot weather (oh my god, I shudder to even type this... I am not a bad person). The reason for my relief is that my perfect little girl seemed to morph into the girl from the Exorcist on Saturday night, at first I was mortified that I might have lost my touch (I'm kidding myself, I have no "touch", I am just very lucky and have a very content little girl) but then tried my hardest to convince myself that this waterfall of tears was down to the hot weather which I had previously thought was actually quite nice. Either way I was horrified and ended up in tears myself, we were just a balling mass of baby and mummy. I am after all a complete mummy notice, until giving birth I didn't "do" babies and was the subject of much hilarity on announcing my pregnancy.

Anyway, I was pleased to see a similar sense of relief pass across the faces of my lovely yummy mummy friends at baby group today when we all realised we were in the same sweaty boat. However, normal service is now resumed and Baby T was tucked up in bed as usual by 8. But I have one prevailing thought... what happens when it's proper summer time? Honestly, what do I do?!

A Blogging Virgin

Ok, so here's my very first blog and another step forward from being a complete technical novice. It's a day of momentous firsts in fact, had to laugh (secretly of course) while shopping today when numerous unsuspecting little old ladies were covered in baby spit after Baby T has perfected the art of blowing raspberries. Even sneakier is the fact that she lures them in with one of her cheekiest smiles first! And my other baby (the furry puppy variety) has taken a step towards manhood (or doghood) by cocking his leg for the first time... sadly it was one of my proudest moments. I really do need to get out more and Baby T needs to pull her finger out and oertake the dog in the proudness stakes.

Am endeavouring to reduce effects of babybrain after leaving iPhone on front fence for half and hour yesterday - thought it was the safeest place to leave it while I put buggy back in the book of car. Thankfully spotted out the window and managed to retrieve it before hubby got home. So have started to use lists, although I'm not a fan and feel that perhaps I need a list to remind me to use the list...

When I was thinking about this all day I came up with loads of witty observations... should have written them on a list because they are escaping me now.

So I suppose this is the appropriate time to sign off from my first blog entry. Feeling really rather proud of myself and shall go and celebrate by taking the dog in the garden to cock his leg.